Alan Barr


Alan Barr, Founder & Managing Director of the Singapore headquartered award-winning boutique hospitality design agency greymatters. Overseeing projects spanning Asia, the Middle East and North America greymatters specialize in identity design, food & beverage concepts, hotel & resort development, architecture, interiors, landscape, and lighting design; Alan is one of the region’s most sought after designers.

Top Russell

Executive Chef

Executive chef Top Russell’s love for food grew into passion when he joined his first kitchen career at the age of 17. His career developed rapidly as he moved to work in multiple Michelin starred restaurants in London with highly acclaimed names such as Alexis Gautheir, Jun Tanaka and most notably the legendary french chef Peirre Gagnaire. The freedom of using modern western techniques coupled with Asian flavours is still relatively new and unexplored in the Bangkok dining scene. Freebird is a true canvas for chef Top Russell and his team to explore the many depths of these techniques.